The Many Adventures of the Riviera Maya

While there is no mistaking the beauty of the Riviera Maya, many people aren’t aware that adventure surrounds them. Everything from exploring the majestic underwater life to the mysteries of the nearby jungle and even thrilling parks and exciting excursions are all waiting for you.

Discover the Underwater Treasure of the Riviera Maya

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Imagine snorkeling in the clear waters of the Caribbean. You look to your left and you see the wonders and sea life that make up the second largest coral reef in the world. To your right is a gentle giant, a beautiful Green Sea Turtle. This is no longer just another day enjoying the water; it’s a life-changing experience that puts you in the middle of the most beautiful snorkeling spot on earth. Akumal, which is Mayan for Land of the Turtles, is the Riviera Maya’s oasis, nestled between Playa del Carmen and Tulum, and is home to the largest population of wild sea turtles. You get to swim aside these magnificent reptiles, along with sting-rays, tropical fish and a host of other breathtaking marine life.

Of course, your water adventure doesn’t end with Akumal. You can also explore the natural wonders of the cenotes, natural sinkholes that expose groundwater underneath. Cenotes offer a glimpse into a world below of stalactite formations, and are believed to hold mystical powers. You can swim and explore these natural wonders throughout the region.

Take on the biggest thrills of the Mexican Jungle

While the beach is always a big draw, adventurers seeking something more than sand need not wander far. Jungle Maya Park is filled with activities to keep any explorer’s heart racing. Zoom by the trees and the lush greenery as you tackle the terrain in a 4x4 vehicle. Zip line through the forest to get a real bird’s-eye view of Mexico. You can even rappel into the Yaxmuul cenote.

However, the jewel of the jungle is Sistema Sac Actun, the second-longest underwater cave system in the world. It is more than 143 miles long and is filled with beautiful cenotes for both snorkeling and diving. In fact, divers found the remains of a mastodon while exploring depths of almost 60 meters below the surface.

Adventure comes in many forms, and the Riviera Maya has all of them. Including Xenses, a park that challenges your mind as much as your body. There are more than 15 activities that will challenge your senses as you journey through caverns, waterfalls and even fly through the air. There’s also Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium in the world, where fresh and salt water blend together to create an underwater paradise for all fish.


Second largest reef in the world


Largest population of wild sea turtles

Sistema Sac Actun

Second-longest underwater cave system in the world


The largest natural aquarium in the world

More Riviera Maya adventures are calling

These are just a few of the great adventures to be had in the Riviera Maya. Whether you’re looking to conquer the sea, trek into the jungle or just swim aside the gentle turtles, there’s no shortage of ways to explore.

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